Silence Messenger at Night

Messenger does not have a 'quiet period' setting, and notifications come through as alarms, so if anyone messages you in the night, you'll hear your notification sound.

This is a trick to silence Messenger during the night, and only receive alerts during the day.

1) Tell Tasker to make a sound if you have a messenger notification:

Install tasker (
Open tasker.
You start on the Profiles tab. Click + at bottom right, select Event, UI, Notification.
Click the rocket top right then find and click Messenger.
Click the back arrow top left.
Click New Task.
Where it says 'Optional', type in "Message Sound", click the tick.
Click the + at bottom center, Media, Play Ringtone.
Under Type, click Alarm and choose Notification.
On the line marked Sound, click the magnifying glass (you may have to choose which app to complete this action, media storage is fine) and choose a ringtone (not one that repeats!).
Click the back arrow top left, twice.

2) It will now make sound 24h! To stop it sounding at night:

Long-press the alarm symbol, click Add, click Time.
Enter when you DO want notification sounds, ie your From time (eg 7am) and To time (eg 11pm).
Click the back arrow top left

3) Tasker is now set up, but you will have an icon top left and it will appear in your notification draw. To disable that:

Click the three dots top right
Click Preferences
Untick Run In Foreground (technically this means there's a chance the app will be turned off by Android, but it hasn't happened to me and I've used Tasker for years)
Click the back arrow top left
Click or press you home button to exit

4) Stop Messenger making sounds:

Open Messenger.
Click on the top right hand button (a person in a circle).
Click Notifications & Sounds.
Click Sound so the slider is grey (off).
Click the back arrow top left
Click the clock top left
Click or press your home button to exit


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