Timed phone silencer

Silence your phone for a meeting

As a rule of the company, when in a meeting one should silence ones phone, to not interrupt the meeting with calls or other phone noises. That's great, but then at the end of the meeting, one must remember to unmute the device. Forget to? You miss out on calls and/or text messages. Even using vibrate mode, I was missing important notifications after meetings from forgetting to unmute.

So, I created a tasker profile/task to do the work for me. When called (via ui button), it will silence the phone, restore back to normal after 30 minutes. Pressing the button multiple times increments in 30 minute intervals. It also creates a notification panel, where you can restore immediately, or add 30 or 60 more minutes.

The XML files are at the larger links below. Remember once you download them to tap the profile/task tabs to import them so they show up in your list.

Download the Profile and Task.

You can create a desktop widget (on most devices) by long-holding on the desktop, selecting "Add Widget" and choosing the Tasker widget. Then select the MeetingModeGo task, and you're done! The icon should default to the one set for the profile (a phone with a X next to it).

Don't forget to turn the profile on after importing. It checks the task every 5 minutes (feel free to change that as desired), to see if it should unmute the device, and to update the notice with the new countdown time (displayed as a tick counter in the notification list).

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