Answer to a SMS per email


Profile Sms 2 Mail
Task Sms2Mail
Scene Sms2Mail

This profile let you answer to a SMS with (german texted) email. Means you get a SMS and you don't want to answer with SMS but with email, because maybe you want to send a photo or don't want to pay SMS fees etc. You press the button and k9mail opens with the address (only the name), Subject and body with quotes of the original SMS.
The address is filled from the name, so this will only work if you have an email address from the sender in your addressbook!
You need the free and OpenSource mail client k9mail for it. Without k9mail this won't work.
You will need to edit the address field, you tap into this field and go one back, so k9mail would find the name in the addressbook and propose it, you accept it. It is not possible to just leave this unedited, the pure name won't be accepted by k9mail.
To be handy, you best put a Tasker shortcut "Sms2mail" onto the desktop. You can choose then from the last 9 sms to answer them by mail.
The language is german, you need to change this if you need another language. Change it in the Task Sms2Mail in the action Variable Set %mailto. You have to look into it to understand what to change. It would be better if the language specific words would be in variables so that they could be easily adapted, but this is future work, I guess never done ;)

How it works

Tasker will save any incoming SMS (Received Text) with the help of the Task "SaveSms", where Number, Name, Date, Time and Body are saved each to a global Array. After 10 saved SMS the oldest is deleted (with Array Pop), so that there are the 10 last SMS data in the VARS tab of tasker.
A Task will create an email from one of the 9 last SMS by using an intent for k9mail. A Scene is used to choose with 9 CommandButtons from the last 9 SMS to answer. The body is written on each CommandButton so it can easily choosen.

This Profile is just a kind of simple proove of concept but I use it already in my phone, where my dataplan is free (email) but sms does cost, so I prefer to send 100 email instead of 1000 sms ;)


There are two tasks: SaveSms and Sms2Mail, SaveSMS is already included in the profile "SMS_2_Mail.prf.xml", so it is not in the download list (not to confuse).
You can change the text in the variable %mailto (Task "Sms2mail") to other language or description if more convenient. The variable %mailto must be without any space. Spaces are coded with %20, line breaks with %0D%0A. You should do your own experiments with it.


A Scene is used to let choose from the last 9 SMS. The returned variable %sms2mail is used to determine the index of the Array.
Each body of SMS is displayed as text on a command button. If you press this command button an email is created per intent and all the data is filled.

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