Step-Through Four: Record of Callers

In this step-through we will use events and action variables to keep a record of particular callers in a file on the SD card. Events are one-time happenings.

Create a new <Profile>, On the Popup window select <Event>, Select <Phone>, Select <Phone Ring>

Like actions, some events take extra parameters. In the case of events, however, the parameters are used to further narrow down which events to respond to.

A screen will show with a parameter called "Caller", The looking glass will allow you to select a variable, but for now we will not select a variable.

In this case, we're going to react on EVERY call so enter a <*> in the parameter, you could say <+49*> to act on any call that is from Germany
Now select the <Tasker> button to go to the Profile screen, and you will see a popup where you could select a task or create a new one.

Select <New Task> and give it a name. Now select the <+> button to add a task. On the popup select <File> and then <Write File>.
Next to the File line select the <Looking Glass> to browse where you want the file to be saved. Once you have selected the folder select the <Tasker> button * No need to select the File if it does not exist *
You will see the path/folder you selected. Now enter the name of the file you would like to write to, call it "callLog.txt"

On the Text line select the <Pencil>, scroll down and select <Call Date>, now type <:> then select the <Pencil>, scroll down and select another variable like "Call Time". Repeat this process until you have selected the string you would like to write to the file. It might look like this <%CDATE:%CNAME:%CNUM>

Now select <Append>. We need to Append because we want to add the incoming number on the end of the file each time.

Now select the <Tasker> button until you are at the main screen of Tasker and close it.

So, when the action runs, it's going to put a line like:

2017/04/26 : 15:34: +49037499566

on the end of the file

Now to test get someone to phone you, you don't need to answer, the action will happen when the phone rings.

Use a file browser and brows to your folder that you selected. You should see a file in there created by the action

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