Step-Through Four: Record Callers

In this step-through we will use events and action variables to keep a record of particular callers in a file on the SD card. Events are one-time happenings.

Click the Event tab and then the button New

Just like actions, events are sorted into categories.

Select Phone and Phone Ringing

Like actions, some events take extra parameters. In the case of events, however, the parameters are used to further narrow down which events to respond to.

In this case, we're going to react when someone calls from Germany.

Enter +49* in the Caller Number field and press Done.

That matches any number starting with +49. The rules for matching are available in the help text on the event edit screen.

Now we've defined a context, Tasker takes us to the Task Edit screen to decide what actions the event will trigger.

Press + in the bottom left to add an action.

Select File and then Write File

The Action Edit screen.

Click ? in the bottm right to see what this action does.

(you might have to scroll a bit).

In the File field enter callers or similar and then click Append

We need to Append because we want to add the incoming number on the end of the file each time.

For the Text field, we want the number of the caller to be inserted. To do that, we insert something called a Variable.

Click on the Text field and then hit the Var button.

You're shown a list of all the built-in variables.

Select Last Call Time.

Good, now have a look at the Text field: it's got %CTIME written there. When the action executes, that will be replaced with whatever time the last call took place.

Note that you don't need to use the variable selector if you don't want, you could just type out %CTIME yourself.

Add a : at the end of the text and then click Var again.

This time select Last Call Number.

So, when the action runs, it's going to put a line like:

15:34: +49037499566

on the end of the file /sdcard/callers

Click Done to return to the Profile List.

Click Save.

…and get someone from Germany to phone you (don't forget to say Guten Tag).

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