Step-Through One: Application Settings


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step-through will show you how to make application-specific settings, in this case the brightness of the screen. Please make sure you've at least read the Overview in the Userguide first.

First we will create a new profile with an Application context and then add an action to it.

Startup Tasker by clicking its icon.

We're in the Profile List screen

Press the Menu button on your device and select Help: This Screen.

That menu item is available on every screen. Have a read to see what
all the widgets do.

OK, now your head is warmed up, let's get started.

Make sure you are in the App tab (we want to create a profile
with an Application Context) and

Press the New button.

You will be shown a list of applications to select.

Pick any.

Once you've selected an app, Tasker returns to the Profile List,
and then takes you to the Task Edit screen to edit the new task
associated with the application context you made.

Press the + button in the bottom left to add an action to this task.

Tasks are divided into categories to make them easier to find.

Click Display and then select the action Screen Brightness.

Now we're in the Action Edit dialog. Some actions are
more complicated than others and can have extra parameters to specify
how they act. The one we're using, Screen Brightness, needs to know
how bright you want the screen.

Move the slider to the far right, then click Done

Back at the Task Edit screen. Notice how the action we just created has been added to the task.
We could add other actions, and they would all run when the application you
selected is launched.

We're finished editing our new Task, Press Save.

We're back at the Profile List, but this time you should see our brand new profile.

On the left are displayed the Contexts that make up the profile i.e. the conditions
that must be met for it to become active. On the right is the task that will run when
it becomes active.

Time to see if it all works, but first we need to enable Tasker.

Click the button labelled Off in the bottom right

If the button isn't lit up green, Tasker doesn't do anything when you leave.

Press Save to exit, then launch the application you configured.

You should see the screen brightness go up when the application
starts, and go back to how it was when you leave it.
If not, make sure your normal brightness is not at the maximum already
(look in the Settings application).

Maybe you're wondering why the brightness went back down when you didn't ask it to ?
If you click on the Task again, you'll see that the action 'Screen Brightness' has a
particular icon next to it. The icon signifies that the action is a special one called a
Setting, and Tasker will always restore Settings that were changed in the Enter task when a profile

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