Step Through Three: Menu Task

In this tutorial we will build a menu of useful actions and display it by clicking on an icon on the Android home screen.

Graphical screens are called Scenes.
Click on the <Scene> tab in Tasker, then click the <+> button, give your new scene a name like "Menu 1" and click the <check mark>

It looks pretty bare at the moment.

Click the <x looking glass> button in the bottom right, then click the <+> button, then click on the <Menu> option.
A new UI open with multiple tabs at the top, we will only look at the <UI> and <Items> tabs.

On the <UI> tab Give your menu a name and under <Selection Mode> select <Single>

On the <Items> tab click the <+> button, click on the <Action> button, and select <App> and then <Launch App>.
Select the app you want to launch and select the <Tasker> button to take you back to the <Items> tab. Add 2 more apps you want to launch

After this select the <Tasker> button to take you to the designer screen, note that you are still in the "Zoom" state and the Looking glass show a / in it
You can now drag the frame sides to size the menu. Once done, click on the <Looking Glass> with the / sign in it, this will take you back to "Normal View" again you can play with the Scene size by dragging the frame. Toggle between Zoom and Normal mode until you are happy with the look.

Now click on the <Tasker> button to take you back to the <Scene> tab.

At this point we will add the Widget

On the Android Home Screen, long-click, select Widget, brows down to Tasker then select Task.

You will see a popup menu to select a task or create a new task. Select <New Task>, give it a name and click <ok>

You are now at the task Edit screen, which is basically a slightly modified version of the Task Edit screen we've seen previously.

Click the <+> button to add a task, then select the <Scene> option, then <Show Scene>. Select the <Looking Glass> on the right next to "Name" and select your "scene" you created in the previous few steps.
Where it state <Display As> select <Action, Full Window>. Now select the <Tasker> button to take you one screen back.
Select the bottom right "Icon" Button and choose an icon for your shortcut and then select <Tasker> button to generate the widget.

You're now returned to the Android home screen, and you should be able to see the widget you just created. Clicking it should show the actions you selected. Select one of the actions runs that action only.

Run Tasker and click the <Tasks> tab at the top of the screen.

This screen allows you to change Tasks you have previously created. You should be able to see the Widget task we just created. You could assign that to a profile in order to show exactly the same menu as the widget press produces.

You could also edit this task and the changes will reflect in the widget (Previous versions - Older than 4.9u4 - might not allow for this)

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