Step Through Three: Menu Task

In this tutorial we will build a menu of useful actions and display it by clicking on an icon on the Android home screen.

On the Android Home Screen, long-click, select *Widget*, then select *Task*.

You are now at the Widget Edit screen, which is basically a slightly modified version of the Task Edit screen we've seen previously.

It looks pretty bare at the moment. In the previous tutorials, we've made tasks without naming them, because they were very simple and we only wanted to use them in a single profile.

This time, we're going to make a Task with a name, which we can then re-use with a normal profile.

Click New in the top right to make a new Task.

Enter any name you like.

Now we have a new task.

You'll seen an X icon in the bottom right of the screen. That signifies how the Task will be handled when it is processed. The tasks we have seen so far have been Execute (hence the X) tasks: each action in the task is carried out one-by-one.

In a Menu task, the actions are presented as a list and the user selects one of them to carry out.

Click the X icon and select Menu.

Great, the task is now a Menu task. Now we want to assign an icon to the task so it's easier to differentiate in the Android home screen. The default icon is a question-mark icon, which you can see in the bottom right.

Click on the question-mark icon to change it.

It doesn't matter which type of icon you pick.

Right, we've setup the task, now we want to add a few actions by clicking on the + button in the bottom left a few times. The Misc/Load App action is a useful one for a widget menu task,
so add a couple of those.

Click Make Widget at the bottom of the screen.

You're now returned to the Android home screen, and you should be able to see the widget you just created. Clicking it should show the actions you selected. Selected one of the actions runs that action

Run Tasker and click the Tasks button at the bottom of the screen.

This screen allows you to change Tasks you have previously created. Using the pulldown at the top
you should be able to see the Widget task we just created. You could assign that to a profile in order
to show exactly the same menu as the widget press produces.

Warning: a widget's task is fixed once the widget is created. Changing the task on the Tasks screen does not change the widget, you have to delete and recreate it.

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