Step-Through Two: Time Context

This step-through will show you how to change an existing profile and use profiles
with more than one context.
The goal is to change the profile from the previous tutorial so that
the brightness is only set at a particular time of day. Also, we want an
alert when the brightness is returned to normal.

To get started,

Long-Click on the icon for the profile you made in the previous Step-Through.

You see a list of options divided into Context actions, which affect the action
you just clicked on, and Profile which affect the whole profile (i.e. the contexts
and tasks as a whole).

Click Add.

Each profile can only have one of each type of context, so you are shown a list
of context types which does not include App.

// Click Time//

This is the Time Edit dialog. The top dial is the time the context starts at. If it is deselected,
the time starts at midnight. The bottom dial is the time the context ends. If it is deselected,
the context ends at the following midnight.

Set the top dial to 09:00 and the bottom dial to 19:00.

Click Done.

Notice how there are now two contexts listed in the profile: Application and
Time. Our task will only be executed when both contexts become active.

Nw we want to add an alert to make it more obvious when the brightness
is going back to normal (it's just an example…). The task we made first with
the green arrow is an Enter task: it runs when the profile becomes active.
We need to add an Exit task which runs when the profile becomes inactive.

Long-click on the existing task.

Select Add Exit Task.

Now we're back at the Task Edit screen.

Click + and add the action Alert/Vibrate.

Back at the Action Edit screen we've seen before. The action Vibrate
makes the phone vibrate for a specified number of milliseconds.

Set the slider a little way to the right and click 'Done'.

So, back at the Profile List where we started.
Click around the tabs and you'll see that
our profile is now visible in both the App and Time tabs, because it has
App and Time contexts.

When you leave Tasker and launch the app you configured, you'll find
that if the current time is between 09:00 and 19:00 when you enter the
app, the brightness will go up, and when you leave it the device will vibrate
and the brightness will go down again.

If it doesn't vibrate, it could be you have vibration disabled on your phone.

We're done, so…

Click 'Done'.

…and try it out!

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