Stolen Phone GPS Recovery

This tasker profile is set up to use your phone's built in GPS to get it's location. This works by receiving a keyword in a text message from any number (or user defined allowed number) and sending back the coordinates (in the format 40.32432,-17.32432) that you can plug into Google Maps/Earth/a GPS Device. [I have tested on Moto Droid, DINC, and X]

Here is how to do it (and you may have to customize for other messaging app replacements - see below):

// New Context > CreateName [mine is "StolenPhone"] > Event > Phone > Received SMS: Sender=blank; Message=unique_keyword //

// New Task (+) > Misc. > GPS: ON
+ > Misc. > Get Location
+ > Audio > [I turned all volumes to 0]
+ > Phone > Send SMS: Number="%SMSRF" ; Message="I am at GPS coordinates: %LOC" // (no quotes)
//I added a lock screen to the end (although Tasker's integrated is still getting worked on because of the easy ways around it) [+ > Display > Lock] //

-Don't enter the quotes in the input boxes
-Users can define allowed numbers if they want in the format "1112223333,2223334444,etc."
-Use a keyword that you wouldn't normally receive in a text so that it's not triggered on accident. Mine, for example, is "who_stole_me?"

Alternate Messaging App Issues
I posted this on a forum elsewhere and had someone say that there are issues with the Handcent app (I would assume others too). Handcent apparently did not like the %LOC variable and the pop-up dialogue required user input [aka useless if it's stolen].

Here is a workaround I figured.

You need to install the Locale Execution plug-in from the Market, and you need to be ROOT (able to provide SuperUser permissions). Here is how I made it work:

Add this to the beginning of the task list

1) + > Plugin > Execute > Configuration Edit: "@! su"
2) //+> Plugin > Execute > Configuration Edit: "@! mv /data/app/com.handcent.nextsms-1.apk /data/app/com.handcent.nextsms-1.apk.bak" (verify this is where your handcent is installed, because it may be different for you)

Add this to the end of the task list

//+ > Plugin > Execute > Configuration Edit: "@! mv /data/app/com.handcent.nextsms-1.apk.bak /data/app/com.handcent.nextsms-1.apk"

-You need to do a test run with this to allow SU permissions permanently (so it works in action) and make sure it works so you can depend on it.
-This work-around will cause handcent to have a "force close" error, but after the ending task it will be back to where it is and should still work (worked in my trial).

Here are downloads from my Google Docs (no log-in required, edit them to fit your needs):


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