Street Address From GPS

Street Address from GPS using Tasker V4.3 and Google Maps Geocoding V2

After days of frustration looking for simple instructions to build a task that would grab a street address for a given Lat/Long address that runs on both Tasker 4.3 and Google Maps Geocoding API, I finally just started researching how to do it myself. I found relevant information in Beginners Guide to Tasker and Google Documentation. It is actually pretty straight forward once you understand HTTP: Get and variable splitting. It does require you to get a free Google API key which will be used to get the information associated with your Lat/Long.

Anyway, in the attached files you will find a Variables project stolen from Unlock on Wifi and Car mode and modified/expanded for my own needs as well as my "Navigation/Location" project. I've stripped specific identifying data and replaced it with placeholders.



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