Tracker consists of a profile and a task that create KML files that Google Earth can display.

The first time the ToggleTracker task is run, it creates a file named Track_%DATE_%TIME.kml in the Tasker/tmp folder, writes a KML header to that file, then enables the NewFixAvailable profile.

The second time it is run, it disables the NewFixAvailable profile, then writes a KML trailer to the file.

Rinse, repeat.

The profile, NewFixAvailable, writes a new KML placemark to the Track file when a new track position update is available, triggered by a change to %LOCTMS, provided that there hasn't been a track position update for 10 seconds. Each position is labeled with the date and time ( The KML description of the position (the text that shows when you click the yellow pushpin in Google Earth) consists of the following:


If you create a widget for ToggleTracker, you can start and stop tracking from your home page.

To view a KML file that Tracker creates you can either:
*view it in the Google Earth Android apo
*upload it to your desktop and open it with Google Earth.
*upload it to the web, and put the URL to the KML in the search box of Google Maps ( This still only works on a desktop computer, but allows the viewing of a kml or kmz file without installing Google Earth.
*several other tools exist for publishing kmz files (e.g. Google Fusion Tables, etc.)

Download Task
Download Profile

I'll be monitoring this Tasker thread for a while if you have any questions.

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