Updated Automatic Location Weather Speak

Download Here: (struggling with upload - coming soon)

This profile is based on the following profile: Gets and Speaks Weather for Current Location in Morning. I created my own version for v4.4 of Tasker as I could not import his.

The task performs the following steps.

These are not the tasker step numbers

1: Vibrates (to let you know it activated)
2: Initialises variables
3: HTTP get for the forecast for the current location
4: Stores the above in 2 variables to be split later (One for temperatures: %WUTemp and another for condition: %WUForecast)
5: HTTP get for geo lookup for current location
6: Stores the above into a variable to be split later (%WUGeo)
7: Split %WUForecast to get date: %WUDate and condition: %WUCond
8: Split %WUGeo and store location in %LOCATION
9: Split %WUTemp into Low Temp: %WULow and high temp: %WUHigh
10: (Disabled) HTML popup for testing
11: Set variable %WEATHER to "The forecast for %WUDate is %WUCond. There is a high of %WUHigh and a low of %WULow"
12: Say %WEATHER (Using google eng-gbr)


Even though I am getting and storing the current location I am not speaking it at this time. I do not want to speak the location for my use.

You may need to change the voice engine to whichever you use.

I am not changing or reverting any volume levels. This is intentional.

Profile is set to run at 8AM every morning. Change this to suit your needs.


For future changes to the profile

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