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Allows configuration of the properties of a scene element. The different types of property are divided into tabs.

Not all elements have all tabs.


For the most part, configures the visual style of the element.


Only relevant to Menu elements.

Each row configures an item in the menu. Starting from the left, the controls are:

  • selection checkbox
    this is only present when Selection Mode is set to Single or Multi. It stipulates whether the item will be shown as selected when the menu is displayed.
  • icon button
    the icon to show for the item. If you don't want to show an icon, hide the icon element in the Layout parameter in the UI tab
  • label text
    the label to show for the item. If you don't want to show a label, hide the label element in the Layout parameter in the UI tab
  • action button
    an action to run when the item is tapped
  • trash can
    used to delete the item

To add an item, click the plus button at the bottom of the screen.


Configures a rectangle shape to be used as the background for the element when it is displayed. The background will be stretched to fit the size of the element.

If you want to use an image for a background, create a separate Image element and place it underneath.

Event Tabs

Event tabs stipulate what Tasker should do when the user interacts with the element in some way. Most consist only of a task to specify but some allow a filter specification so that the task only runs if the event matches the filter.

To help the task to decide what to do with the event and to allow a single task to handle many different events if desired, Tasker sets certain local variables which give specific information about it. The variables are easily accessible by clicking the usual variable tag icon in any action in the task.

The following variables are available in all such tasks:

  • %scene_name
    the name of the scene containing the element
  • %element_name
    the name of the element that the user interacted with (e.g. Button1)
  • %element_type
    the type of element (e.g. Button)
  • %event_type
    the name of the event (e.g. Tap)

Text Changed

Elements: TextEdit

This event is triggered whenever the text changes e.g. because a letter key has been pressed while the element had focus.

  • %new_val
    the new text
  • %old_val
    the old text

Tap, Long Tap

Elements: Button, Doodle, Image, Map, Oval, Rectangle, Text

In a Map element, the following variables are available:

  • %coord
    the latitute,longitude of the tapped location on the map
  • %label
    the label of the tapped GeoMarker (if any). You can add GeoMarkers to a Map element with the action Scene / Element Add GeoMarker

Value Selected

Elements: Slider

  • %new_val
    the new value of the element (e.g. 50)
  • %old_val
    the last selected value (e.g. 43)

Item Tap, Item Long Tap

Elements: Menu

  • %select_indices
    a comma-separated list of currently selected items in the list (e.g. 3,4)
  • %select_labels
    a comma-separated list of the labels of currently selected items in the list (e.g. Blue,Yellow)
  • %tap_index
    the index of the item that was tapped to cause this event (e.g. 3)
  • %tap_label
    the label of the item that was tapped to cause this event (e.g. Blue)


Elements: Doodle, Image, Oval, Rectangle, Text

A stroke has two filter parameters.

  • Direction
    the direction from the start point of the stroke to the end point
  • Length
    minimum distance in (approximate) pixels from the start point of the stroke to the end point

If either of these parameters don't match the event, the task will not run.

  • %stroke_dir
    Direction, as described above
  • %stroke_len
    Length, as described above

Link Tap

Elements: WebView

A Link Tap has two filter parameters:

  • URL
    the URL of the tapped link. If entered, the tapped URL must match the entry (e.g. http://* for the task to run
  • Stop Event
    whether to stop the WebView following the link
  • %url
    URL as described above

Page Loaded

Elements: WebView

  • %url
    the URL of the page (e.g. http://i.hate.fruit/except/mangos.html)
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