Task Edit

Task Edit icon_tasker.png

This dialog allows editing and deletion of a task.

Action List

The main part of the screen is a list of the actions contained in the currently selected task.

  • Click on an action to edit it
  • Long-click on an action for options
  • Click-and-drag at the right hand side of the action to move it around e.g. to the trash bin

On the right of each action is an icon stipulating whether the action is a setting or not. See here for more information.

Condition and Block Colours

If an action has had a condition set for it, the condition is shown with a red or green bar next to it; green indicates that the condition is currently met (the action will execute), red indicates the opposite. Of course, when the task is executed it could be that it changes things so that the condition is then met.

If an action is within an If / End If block it is displayed indented with a red or green margin. The colours have the same significance as for individual action conditions described above.

If an action is within a For loop it is displayed indented with a grey margin. If the For action has a condition on it which is not met, the margin will be red (because the actions in the loop will never execute, like an If / End If block).

Task Control Row

Directly underneath the action list is a row of buttons with icons.

  • Add Action: add an action on the end of the task.
  • Task Properties: show extended properties for the task.
  • Task Icon button: shows the icon associated with the task. Clicking on it allows changing of the icon.

Bottom Row Buttons

Test Button

Run the task. Be aware that if the Task e.g. loads another activity, you must return to Tasker and press save otherwise all changes made while in the Task Edit screen will be lost.

Tasks run via the Test button have priority 10.

Kill Button

This button in the bottom right will stop all running tasks. It is not displayed if there are no running tasks.

Menu Items

Action Labels

Toggle display of action labels (which are specified in the Action Edit screen).

Param Names

Toggle display of the name of each action parameter.


Toggle display of the setting/action indicator icon for each action.

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