Day Context

Day Context icon_tasker.png

A Day Context allows specification of one or more months and/or days of the week/month.

Month Specification

The months are listed at the top, any of which can be selected. Selecting no month has the same meaning as selecting every month i.e. has no restriction on when the profile will become active.

Day of Week/Month Specification

Days of the week (Sunday, Monday etc) and/or month (1st, 9th etc) can be selected independently with the pulldown centre-right. This will initially be for Week Days if there are any defined, otherwise Month Days.

Selecting no day has the same meaning as selecting every day.

If you select both days of the week and days of the month, it requires both conditions to be fulfilled for the profile to become active e.g. selecting Mon,Tue and 11th means the profile will become active when the day is a Mon or Tuesday and simultaneously the 11th day of the month.

If you are unsure if you have specified the day(s) you require, click the Done button and you will see a verbal description at the top of the Profile Edit screen. You can click on this to try again if it's not correct.

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