Scene Element: Menu

Scene Element: Menu icon_tasker.png


A menu displays a variable selection of items and can have a separate action, text and icon defined for each item in the list.

Parameter: Source

Items can either be filled manually or from a variable array. In the case of an array, the list shows all the items starting at the first index; %var(1) %var(2) etc.

In the case of manual specification, click on the Items tab in the element editor to specify the items.

Parameter: Selection Mode

There are three selection modes:

  • single: tapping an item deselects any other item selected
  • multi: several items can be selected at the same time
  • none: tapping an item never selects it

Selected items are highlighted. There are two ways to find out the selected items:

  • assign a task under the Item Tap element event tab. Every time an item is tapped, the selected items are available in the local variable %select_indices
  • query the selected items at any time using the action Element Get Value

Parameter: Item Layout

Specifies how each item within the list will be displayed. Each item has exactly the same layout. To change the layout, click on it. Each Menu element has it's own unique item layout.

There are two pre-defined layouts you can choose from (click the magnifying glass icon). 'Icon and Text' is the default.


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