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What's A Setting ?

Settings are actions like Display Brightness and Ringer Volume whose effects are reversed by Tasker when the profile(s) which applied them are no longer active.

Settings have a cog icon next to them. Normal actions have a lightning bolt.

Single Profile

When a setting is applied by the profile's Enter Task, its value is restored after the profile becomes inactive again. For example, if the ringer volume is at 7 and is set to 0 in the Enter Task, when the profile becomes inactive it is automatically set back to 7.

In other words, settings are only valid for the lifetime of their profiles.

Multiple Profiles

When multiple profiles that affect a setting are active simultaneously:

  1. the setting has the value from the most recently activated profile
  2. when all profiles are inactive, the setting has the value from before any profile was active

Special Cases

  • if a setting is changed by the Exit Task the profile will never save the setting's initial value.
  • settings changed in an instant profile (one with an event context or repeating/non-ranged time context) remain changed after the event. The reasoning is that there is no point in changing the setting for the half-second that the event lasts.


  • settings are not actively maintained. If something else changes the setting once the Enter task has run, it's not the case that this is detected and the Enter task value automatically reapplied.

Complicated, huh ?

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