Wallpaper switcher


A simple no hassle wallpaper switcher profile, changes the wallpaper to a random wallpaper in the specified folder every 15 minutes currently, although this interval can be set in the profile.

Simply download and install the profile, edit the Variable Set task to point at the folder you store your images in and it will switch at the interval specified in the profile to a random image in that folder.

Steps to create

1. Create a new Task called wallpaper switch.
2. Add the Tasker -> Variable Set Action.
3. Create a variable called "randoimagefolder" and set its value to the folder name you want to use as the base for your wallpapers.
4. Add the Script -> JavaScriptlet Action.
5. Set the Code to:

 var files = listFiles(randoimagefolder, false).split("\n");
 var number = Math.floor(Math.random() * (files.length));

6. Ensure the folder entered has been populated with some images and now setup a profile that dictates when the wallpaper should change and set its task to the Wallpaper switch task.

7. For added convenience, create a desktop widget that points to the task to change it on demand.

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