Wallpaper switcher with Dropbox support

This creates a profile which runs when the display is on and the launcher is running. It spawns two child processes that swaps wallpaper, syncs dropbox (using Dropsync) and turns off the display after the launcher has been on for a specific time. Notice that this will not swap backgrounds or update dropbox when the launcher in the profile isn't running or when the screen is turned off.


%SCREENSAVER_MINUTES Time in minutes before the script should lock the screen. If this is set to 0 then the screensaver isn't enabled.
%SWAP_BACKGROUND_INTERVAL_SECONDS Time between swapping the backgrounds. First swap will happen instantly.
%WALLPAPERS_DIRECTORY The directory where the wallpapers are placed.
%IMAGES_FILE_TYPE The file type to look for in the directory.
%CURRENT_WALLPAPER The currently set wallpaper, intended for making sure the same wallpaper doesn't show up twice in a row and for integration with other scripts.
%DROPBOX_SYNC_INTERVAL_MINUTES Minimum time between Dropbox synchronizations.
%LAST_DROPBOX_UPDATE System time in seconds for last Dropbox update, used to make sure that we don't flood Dropbox and possibly for integration with other scripts.

To download the script, check the file attachment to this page.

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