Widget To Create Start And End Times For A Calendar Entry

This process was put together at the request of jeff, who wanted a 'two widget press calendar insert'.

So I decided to put together a single widget on a homescreen of your choice that, when tapped, would set the current time as a start time, and when tapped again, would create a calendar entry with a start time of when the widget was first tapped and an end time of when it was tapped a second time.

To this end, attached are two profiles (ApptStart and ApptEnd) plus the task (called Work) that launches when you tap your homescreen widget.

Download and import these files, then create a Tasker Widget on the homescreen of your choice - call it Work and assign the Work task to it.


When you first press the widget, the label will be set to Tap to end
When you next press it, the label will be set to Tap to start (it may not all show though :( )

The calendar entry will be in your default Google calendar
The title for the appointment/event will be Work Today
The location will be Where I did it - though you can change this to whatever you want, including parsing current location details from any location finder
The description will be What I did

The details above can be edited in the action that creates the calendar entry, and you may even be able to work out how to assign values from a menu item of choices that pops up before the calendar entry… this wiki is just here to give you the basic framework.

Hope it helps

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