Wifi Automator

This combination of 2 profiles and 5 tasks completely automates the start and stop of your phone's WIFI depending on your location and helps you save your battery.

A detailed description of how the system works is available.

To set it up on your android phone, execute the following steps:
1- Download the following tasks:

2- Download the following profiles:
WIFI_Starter.prf.xml (includes "WIFI AP Search" task)
WIFI_Stopper.prf.xml (includes "WIFI Stop 2" task)

3- Open Tasker tasker, goto profiles and import the 2 previously downloaded profiles
4- and then goto tasks. Import the previously downloaded tasks

We have now imported tasks and profiles. Let's configure them.

5- Goto tasks and select the task "Wifi Checks Params". Edit action 2 and replace MBJC with the name of your WIFI network. If you want to modify durations and laps of stages, edit the variables accordingly. When you are done, save. Click on "Test" to run the task once. WIFI Automator variables are now configured and set.

6- Now go to profiles. Select the profile WIFI Starter. Select the context "Cell Near" and edit it. Click on the "Scan" and let Tasker scan the cell towers covering your house. Let the scan run for 5-10 mins and move around your house. Of course, you have to be in house to execute this step. Click on "Done" to save.

7- On the profile screen, click on "Apply". You are set. The WIFI Automator is up and running. Relax, your WIFI is under control.

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